How To Sell Successfully On Ebay

We have received inquiry time to time from customers regarding how to sell on ebay and how to succeed. Below is our take on what was, is, and will be how utilizing ebay as a platform to expand your business.

In short, ebay used to be a marketplace where many merchants could make comfortable living. However as the popularity of ebay has grown over time, so are the numbers of merchants joining in, which has resulted more competition. Nowadays, there are way more merchants selling on ebay then before and the number will continue to grow.

As the competition intensifies, it is absolutely critical that you must keep up with competition and stay ahead.  The following are some tips:

1. Know your competitors – you should periodically analyze your competitors on what they have been doing, what new products have they been selling, etc. Depending on your industry, trend can turn drastically (such as fashion industry), so you must be careful and be able to keep up. Browse through our competitors on ebay. How do they put up their listings? How do they do promotion?  What are the pricing strategies do they use?  How do they handle their product image layout? What kind of customer services do they provide? Free shipping? Satisfaction guarantee or money back? Look into all these details.

2. Know yourself – once you analyze your competitor, do a self-exam on where do you stand comparing to your competitors. What are your weaknesses comparing to them? What are the advantages you can capitalize over them?  These are very critical information you must be honest to yourself and analyze.

3. Master the art of listing – have you come across those beautiful product listings with amazingly photos listed by your competitors? You should know that image is extremely powerful and will make a huge difference between buy or not buy. If you feel your photo processing ability is lacking, it is time to sharpen up your skill. Professional image processors such as photoshop (go to Adobe Photo Editing for more details) are industry leading brand excellent to enhance all your image needs. However, you will need to devote time to learn.

4. Develop the right strategies – if things don’t work out, don’t give up. Examine where went wrong and change your marketing plans.

Success is not built upon overnight and will take a lot of hard work, dedication, and effort to get there.  Throughout the quest, you will encounter a lot of difficulties, but stay persistent, work hard, and work smart, your goal to succeed on ebay is reachable.

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