DNS Service Scam Mail

Hi all,

Just want to share with everyone that we recently got a scam via mail from a company calling themselves DNS Services. We never used their service and have no idea who these people are. But we know these guys are trying to scam innocent website domain owners into subscribing to their DNS (domain name system) management service, actually worst yet, handing over your domain control to them!

What bothers us the most is that this solicitation is actually an ad, but has been made with malicious intent to “look like” a legitimate invoice trying to scam people’s money. They even assigned an account number to associate with your business name on it. When you read their fine prints carefully, you will realize that “This is a solicitation…You are not under any obligation…”

Funny when we called them and no one answered. Please be careful when you receive any kind of “invoice” that you are not familiar with.

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