What to know about US post office servcie

We want to share some very important experience with everyone so they will know what to expect and what to be aware when they deal with US postal service. We recently had a package worth $400 to be shipped to Virgin Island. We According to US post service, priority mail takes about 5 business across the US, and for destinations farther, such as Virgin Island, it may take up to 10 business days, which is understandable. However, after nearly 3 weeks, our customer called and claimed that the package never arrived. We looked up the tracking number and indeed the tracking process showed nothing. We then contact the US postal service, and the reply we got was standard answer: “We’ll look into it.” Furthermore US postal service said, they do not guarantee the stated delivery time. It seems US postal service does not back up what they advertise. Because we could not process this particular address online, for some reasons, the address could not be accepted online, we had to take this package to do the shipping at a local US postal service counter and paid the shipping by cash, which was a mistake. Please remember: never pay cash at the post office, because if you do, chances are you would not even be able to get your money back on the shipping charge if your package is lost in the event insurance is not purchased. By law, the US postal service should refund you if they lose your package. But from our experience, they try to get away with it. Again from this experience, we learned that never pay cash at the post office counter. We recommend always pay by credit card, because you can file for dispute with your credit card company and they are usually on your fighting for your rights.

In conclusion, please remember the following when you go to your local post office next time.

A All packages are uninsured unless you pay extra to buy protection. If you are sending valuable contents, please be sure to purchase insurance.

B Never, ever under any circumstance pay by cash. Because you may never at least get your shipping fee back. Always pay by credit card, so that in the event they lost your package, you can file for dispute with your credit card company to defend your rights.

C The US post office does not guarantee the delivery time that they advertise. There is always a slight chance that your package may be delayed due to any reasons.

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