redirect malwarm

A serious new threat on the internet has been causing havoc. It is know as What it does is that when a user searches for any specific topic on google, the search result links do not take the user to where they are supposed to go, but rather they redirect to pay per click ad campaign 3rd party websites. It is a latest hacker scam to achieve pay per click fraud as well as hijacking user’s web browsers and steal confidential information.

A user becomes infected with the Malware by unknowingly coming across a website with hidden malicious virus that will automatically install malicious Malware without user’s consent. If you find yourself click on google’s search result and is brought to a place where it is not supposed to go, then chances are your computer is infected with the Malware. There are many online topics addressing this issue and promise you solutions to fix the problem by asking you to download 3rd party anti-malware software. Don’t do it. Because those 3rd party problems are full of other worms as well.

The one way guarantee to fix the issue is to actually either back port your computer to any earlier date where your computer was still free of the issue. If that does not work, it is the best to go ahead and restore your computer to factory setting by wiping out your hard drive clean. It is quite a bit of hassle but necessary.

Please be sure to update all your important passwords immediately!

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